Our Brands

Established in 1946, Sebago originated from a Maine shop owner's quest to meet the demand for quality, casual shoes. Teaming up with local businessmen, they created a hand-sewn shoe factory, birthing the iconic Sebago Classic beefroll loafer. Crafted with the utmost precision then and now, our shoes reflect a timeless dedication to craftsmanship and individuality, making Sebago a global footwear icon. The famous Docksides shoe is created by Sebago n 1969.



For over a century, the iconic Italian brand Superga has been a beacon of style and innovation. Founded in Turin by Walter Martiny, the Superga factory became synonymous with vulcanized rubber-soled shoes, named after the illustrious Superga Hill. In 1925, the brand unveiled its iconic 2750 model, a timeless design that remains a cornerstone of the company's offerings to this day. Expanding its repertoire in 1934, Superga introduced a diverse collection, spanning from sports shoes for tennis, basketball, and yachting to casual footwear tailored for everyday life.



Berghen® stands as Belgium's premier brand for European-made hiking boots. Boasting a comprehensive range for women, men, and children, Berghen® places emphasis on quality, durability, and design. Crafted in Europe through close collaboration with Italian experts and utilizing premium materials such as Vibram and Cordura, each boot ensures both comfort and longevity. With Berghen®, embark on unforgettable hikes free from discomfort, as we guarantee sturdy, affordable, and long-lasting footwear for the entire family.



With roots tracing back to 1853, Aigle's skilled rubber artisans have been crafting the majority of their boots in France. This rich heritage has endowed Aigle with unparalleled expertise in shielding individuals from the elements. Harnessing this legacy, Aigle seamlessly blends authenticity, style, and functionality in its boots, shoes, and clothing. Each collection embodies the brand's commitment to high quality and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every product is perfect and enduring.


In 1949, Bernard Gantmacher founded his clothing company in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut, USA. From the Ivy League to American sportswear, GANT has helped define the casual and stylish look that characterises it today.

For decades, Caterpilar has been building construction sites with unparalleled reliability and ruggedness. The CAT Footwear range follows the same tradition of hard work on the construction site or in the city.